Movie Title: Sekai Gyoten News (2003) {Triangular Murder Case/Miracle Liver Transplant}

Movie Plot Summary: The miracle liver transplant Michelle Shmitt: A 3 year old girl in desperate need of a liver transplant is unable to get to the airport due to terrible weather conditions. 17 inches of snow trap the family while the local radio station reaches out for any kind of help the community can offer. In response, a woman gathers a small group of people to shovel snow from a church parking lot to create a heliport. The group of six expands to over 200 while courageous pilots offer helicopter and plane assistance to fly the girl to Omaha. Triangular Murder Case Two individuals in love with the same women are murdered within a span of 3 months back in winter of 1975 in Yakima, Washington. The intricate case, eventually becoming a novel written by Ann Rule (Fever in the Heart) unravels itself in a tragic way. Tuffy Pleasant murders Morris Blackenbaker as a favor for his former wrestling coach, Gabby Moore. Gabby, who was in love with Morris’s wife, finds himself as a chief suspect in the shooting of Morris. In order to clear things up and win Morris’s wife over, he asks Tuffy to shoot him in the upper shoulder. The shot ricochets off of his fourth rib into his lung and heart. Gabby was unintentionally killed by Tuffy, and Tuffy is eventually sentenced for first degree murder and manslaughter.


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